Attacking with dragons and dragloon: The Basics


tl;dr: Dragon/Dragloon quick tips:

  1. Have a plan for how to eliminate each air defense.  Example: Lightning the first, balloon the 2nd, dragons deployed toward 3rd
  2. Create a funnel for your dragons by eliminating the edge buildings along the path you want them to take.  Seal the edge, and force your dragons to the core.
  3. Don’t spam your dragons in 1 spot, as this makes them fan out and you can no longer control their path.  Deploy them in a controlled fashion and you get to decide where they go.

Townhall7:  Mass drags + 3 lightning spells is your go to comp at TH7, and it can’t be stopped by another TH7.  Your clan castle should consist of an additional dragon, or lvl6 balloons.  With only 2 air defenses available, a townhall 7 can’t stop this attack, and it is an easy 3-star every time.  To execute the attack, simply zoom in…

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